Best Coast.

Haven't received all the photos from Denver yet so here's a nice distraction. Anton and I drove down the California coast to Big Sur. Taking the 1 is beautiful but it's windy and annoying when you're stopping every ten minutes to take photos. 

We stayed in a yurt at Tree Bones Resort (thanks to Christina for the tip!) which was the coolest form of camping ever. If you ever go to Big Sur, consider staying in a yurt OR they even have a treehouse you can stay in OR a human's bird nest. So cool. Also, the restaurant on site had the MOST DELICIOUS BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP I've ever had in my life. I use capitals when I'm excited. About food. 

#butternutsquashsoup #yurt #weliketohavefunhere

I <3 JDM


The Human Nest.&nbsp;

The Human Nest. 

Mcway Falls