Tonight, I went to my friends' end of the year exhibit at Pratt and as expected, I was blown away by everyone's work. So inspiring and proud of them. Afterwards, my friends Ambrose, Jon and I were walking down an empty street. Jon was carrying a boxed cake, a congratulatory gift from a friend, when all of a sudden I hear an "OH NO!" and look back to see the cake on the ground in a typical SPLAT position. My first instinct was to laugh and take pictures, so I went with that. What followed was even funnier, as Jon crouched down, yelled apologies to his friend who wasn't there, and then decided we couldn't let the beautiful cake go to waste. 

Quickly, he took out his business cards and began using one as a spoon. He handed one to Ambrose and me. At first I was a bit stunned at the suggestion, but then I shrugged and partook in the hilarity. It was delicious...the parts that didn't hit the concrete, I mean.

As we squatted and ate the cake, a couple walked by and wished me Happy Birthday. Then, a cop on his beat looked at us, muttered "That wins," and continued on his way. 

It was special. Big ups to Jon for turning an unfortunate event into a postive one. #positivity