In Young Kim.

So as I start packing for my move to California I came across a scribbled address in my drawer. In the fall of 2010 I got into a taxi and my old cab driver, In Young Kim, decorated his whole glass divider with classic black and white photos of Hollywood stars, specifically James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. He became excited when I told him my favorite film was East of Eden with Dean and that I was attending NYU to become a director. I almost died that moment as Kim took his eyes off the road to look directly into mine. With a seriousness in his glowing eyes, he made me promise him right then and there that I never give up and that I continue making films. Stories are very important, he said. You must tell them. I quickly promised, nervous that he still was not watching the road. He dropped me at my location and wrote down his address to send him my films. I waited this long to send them, I'm unsure why. I hope he receives them and that one day I'll hear from him again. I only met him once but he's had a lasting impression on me. Thank you In Young. #grateful #nyc


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