It's that Best Buy dude.

I love taking portraits more than anything (message me if you want yours taken!) and a dream celebrity to shoot would be TONY LEUNG. Sigh.

But my actor/friend JAKE CHOI was all I had. (I can hear his fans yelling at me already). I'm just kidding!

Jake was perfect for this shoot. I wanted to shoot in the rain but that posed several challenges photographically. Some came out pretty well and I learned a lot. Jake took the Highline by storm (ha); that is, until a staff member reprimanded him.  

So enjoy, Jake's large fan base and make these your screensavers. (I am exploiting him for more hits.) And if you see this Tony Leung...I am available. #bestbuydoo


NY Highline

Blue Bottle. 

Head Down

Watching Jake interact with other people is fascinating.  And by other people, I mean women. And by fascinating, I mean hilarious. Gotta hand it to him though, he's fearless. He had this barista(s) under his spell. But my eyes could only roll so far into the back of my head so I immediately told him to put on my backpack. Oh, the embarrassment!