Caution: the following photos feature my sickeningly gorgeous friend Nidia. What's even more sickening is that Nidia's daily diet consists of Little Caesar's and french fries. Asshole. Anyways, Nidia was my college roommate and one of my closest friends. I'd live with her always if I could. This may sound bad, but Nidia is like my faithful puppy. She'll follow me off a cliff if I asked her to, even when I make fun of her all the time. She's that good of a friend and I've never met anyone who hasn't disappointed me, until I met her. (That's a lot of pressure huh Nids. Don't screw up now.) I love her so much and I think you can tell from these photos. She is beautiful inside and out. I've never been so excited to go home and edit photos. 

We shot on Melrose, a fantastic place for street photography. Hope you likes. #jawlinefordayz